How To Find Sober Friends When You Don’t Know Where To Start

If addiction is getting the best of you, don’t hesitate to seek expert help like counseling or rehab. Stand up for your sobriety by learning to assert yourself and set boundaries. Know when to say “no” when your sobriety is at stake. Take photos on your walk and see your neighborhood through the lens of a camera. Find a local campsite or just pitch a tent in the backyard and spend the night under the stars. Put pen to paper and write to a friend you’ve not contacted for a while.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Rock Climbing, and More Booze-Free Fun in Houston – Thrillist

Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Rock Climbing, and More Booze-Free Fun in Houston.

Posted: Tue, 09 Jan 2024 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Join groups and activities that focus on health.

Here are some of my favorite ways to connect and unwind—with 0 percent ABV. Call a loved one you haven’t heard from in a while. We promise your mother, aunt, brother, etc. will appreciate it.

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  • Social media and forums are a great place to connect with others who enjoy your favorite past times.
  • If learning from home is more your speed, check out Audible’s Masterclass series or see if anything on Skill Share sparks your interest.

Plan a trip

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  • Get hold of that book you’ve always meant to read or re-read a favorite from your childhood.

You can do this by curating your social media feed so you’re not knowingly stepping into FOMO traps. You may find that you connect well with people in your sober life that you wouldn’t have considered when you drank. sober houses in dorchester ma Try not to prejudice people with preconceived notions of who would or wouldn’t be fun to hang out with. Where is there an opportunity in your life to connect with more people that you are currently not using?

Fun Sober Activities and Things to Do

Maybe lace up and go roller skating instead. Plan a date night around cooking a new dish together. It can be as elaborate as you’d like—just put on your favorite playlist and enjoy doing something tactile with the person you love. Video chat with someone in a different time zone than you. Have a friend or family member overseas?

  • Go to a playground and rediscover your favorite youthful pastimes like swinging and hanging on the monkey bars (just don’t steal the slide from the kiddos, okay?).
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  • One of the most meaningful ways to spend free time in sobriety is to give back.
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  • Self-care is great for your mental health.
  • Coordinate playdates with the parents of your kid’s besties.

Pools and hot tubs are cleaned weekly and no later than 6 p.m. Vendors are subject to enter backyard to clean the pool and/or spa on scheduled cleaning days. Follow your local gym or fitness studio on social media and connect with other members in your area. In recent years, “dry bars” and sober raves have been popping up across the US and other parts of the globe. Bespoke bars with elaborate mocktail menus provide the “going out” vibe without the alcohol and antics.

Karaoke night:

sober activities near me

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sober activities near me

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

Read something that isn’t your social media. Curl up with one of the dusty books you’ve been meaning to read. Whether revisiting a language you were learning in the past or beginning with a new one, learning a language can be a life-changing experience. Sometimes one of the best ways to get out of your head is to seek out an adrenaline rush. Roller Coasters and other amusement park rides are a great way to get a thrill without any substances needed.

Is there an app to meet sober friends?

  • Building your new, sober tribe might take a little time, but there are things you can do to reinvent your social life and have a fulfilling, sober social life.
  • Watching a movie in a room with other people also adds to a movie’s excitement because you can laugh, cry, scream and jump while others enjoy the same experience.
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  • Bowling is enjoyable at any age, so it’s an excellent sober activity to share with friends or family.
  • I took my last drink on December 19, 2016.
  • It can be helpful to remember the alcohol-free activities that brought you joy when you were younger.

Take the initiative to host it yourself to control the environment better and keep it alcohol-free if you choose. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box, especially if that box used to be filled with cheap wine. Here are some ideas outside the world of sobriety and health that you can try. Meetup is a great way to get out there and connect with other adults looking to make new social or professional connections. That can be a lonely experience during one of the most challenging and vulnerable periods of a person’s life.

Try a sound bath

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